Dina Kelberman on
The Goal Is To Live
and other videos streaming on Eternal Family
Dec 2021 - April 2022

Art was only a substitute for the Internet
The Wrong Biennial, Nov - March

Screensaver as a Unique and Shocking Artform
PAF Olomouc, Dec 3 - Feb 15
THINGS infinite
I'm Google, 2011 - ongoing
Found images & videos manually arranged
Smoke & Fire, 2013 - ongoing
Animated GIFs made from cartoons 
arranged to transition from smoke to fire
Commission for New Museum
Web Poems, 2017 - ongoing
Found images, text in code

To view the code elements of the Poem sites: 
[Mac] Right-click or Ctrl+click (chrome, firefox, safari)
[PC] Right-click or: Ctrl+Shift+i (chrome, firefox), F12 (edge)
Select "Inspect" or "Inspect Element." 
In the sidebar that appears, click the left hand triangle next to < body > to see the artwork text.
For image credits, click the left hand triangle next to < head >.
I Am Inside, 2021
Single-channel videos
3-part recap of 2020
Stock footage watermarked samples
This Fan May Not Be Replaced You Just Don't Know The Future, 2021
Livestreamed desktop performance recorded via Zoom on Jan 27, 2021
Found YouTube videos
Commission for Screen Walks series by The Photographer's Gallery & Fotomuseum Winterthur
Unfinished, 2021
Website / Fundraiser
Commission for The Wrong Biennial
Your Hail Photos, 2021
Photos of hailstones sent in to local newspapers
Installed in windows of Social Services Building, Getxo, Spain
Discernment.crx, 2020
Music video / browser extension for the song "Discernment" by Negativland
From the album True/False, 2019
to promote the album The World Will Decide 2020
 Download extension for Chrome
Discernment.crx field tests
Study for Sponge Project, 2020
Two-channel video
Found ASMR sponge videos
separated into soothing vs. abrasive
Nervous, 2020
Two-month long Instagram Residency
Dazibao gallery, Montreal
Clips sourced from and
broadcast in partnership with
Internet Archive
PDF catalog & interview

The End, 2020
Single-channel looping video
Found images/video/music
Editioned for a2p.V2 experimental blockchain
Life Goes On, 2020
Daily email sent for one month.
Found images, mailchimp
for famous chimps newsletter
The Goal Is To Live, 2019
Single-channel looping video, 1 hr. 20 min.
Feature length film made of sequenced, unaltered clips from 'How It's Made' TV show
Music by Rod Hamilton & Tiffany Seal
[ 5 min. clip ]
Comps, 2019
Single-channel looping videos
Looped/overlaid clips from 'How It's Made' TV show, animated elements
Made from selected footage that went unused in The Goal Is To Live
Living With the Big Squares, 2019
Live feeds from around the world
Untitled Game, 2019
Browser-based adventure game
played via website code
[Video clip shows Level 1 walkthrough]
00 00 00 01 CDR, 2019
Single-channel video
Made from archival NASA footage
This video came in last place at the 
CineSpace Short Film Competition 2019
Reflects, 2018
4-channel browser animations & oscillators
Commissioned as a supporting work for The Mirror
an audiovisual immersive cinema performance
by Vicki Bennet aka People Like Us
Still Life with Irritating Camera Movement and No Title Card, 2018
Two-channel looping video (no sound)
Edition of 6 for Digital Objects
This Really Is Water, 2018
Single-channel video, 2.5 min.
Found YouTube skateboard videos
Commission for Bail or No? skate-themed screening
Unidentified Assailant, 2017
Single-channel video, 28 min.
Pine tree cut apart with scissors
Perp's face obscured
Umm, 2016
Series of 3 single-channel videos
Overlaid YouTube knitting
Annoying Poem, 2016
Projection mapped installation w/ sound
Scrap wood, studio corner
No No No No No, 2016
Animated GIFs made from cartoons
displayed in/on various objects
and also one photograph
Installation photos by Alan Resnick & Michael Bussell
Pipe, 2016
Animated GIF installed under building
Half Full, 2016
26 Animated GIFs depicting "optimism" using found images of water situations
Commission for Vicki Bennett / People Like Us & WFMU for
OPTIMIZED! Expanded Radio Stream
6-10 June 2016, Noon - 3pm (EST)
Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts
Cloud Formations, 2013 - 2015
Animated GIFs made from smeared film credits
Nostalgia, 2015
Animated GIFs made from my childhood photos
Commission for Electric Objects
Go Outside, 2015
[ Video shows timelapse comparison ]
Website, Series of looping found images set to 
alter gradually to match the color temperature 
of the current daylight in the viewer's location.
Fountains (I Know It's Been Done Before But I Can't Remember When), 2015
4-channel video (no sound), 80 min.
Printers, ink, recirculated inkjet prints
Commission for The Print Center Centennial
Red Sun / Blue Sun / Yellow Sun, 2014
3-channel video
Overlaid found fetish videos
Sleep Video, 2013
Single-channel video stream
Overlaid YouTube playlists of found smoke bomb videos
periodically edited & reconfigured
Commission for West Space Gallery
Colors Movie, 2013
Single-channel video, 7 min.
Found YouTube fetish videos
Halloween Movie, 2013
Single-channel video, 7 min.
Found YouTube fetish & nature videos
Lost Galaxy at Planet Maze, 2013
Photos taken with old flip phone at
Lost Galaxy/Planet Maze mini golf, Ocean City, MD
Doors, 2012
Animated GIFs made from Star Trek TNG
Phone Photos, 2011 - 2013
Photos taken with old flip phone
Samsung Alias 2

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