Dina Kelberman on
THINGS The Goal Is To Live, 2019
Single-channel video, 1 hr. 20 min.
Feature length film made of sequenced, unaltered clips from 'How It's Made' TV show
Music by Rod Hamilton & Tiffany Seal
[ 5 min. clip ]
Comps, 2019 - ongoing
Single-channel looping videos, dimensions/durations variable
Looped/overlaid clips from 'How It's Made' TV show, animated elements
Made from selected footage that went unused in The Goal Is To Live
I'm Google, 2011 - ongoing
Found images & videos manually arranged
Smoke & Fire, 2013 - ongoing
Animated GIFs made from cartoons 
arranged to transition from smoke to fire
Commission for New Museum
Reflects, 2018
4-channel browser animations & oscillators
Commissioned as a supporting work for The Mirror
an audiovisual immersive cinema performance
by Vicki Bennet aka People Like Us
Web Poems, 2017 - ongoing
Found images, text in code

To view the code elements of the Poem sites: 
[Mac] Right-click or Ctrl+click (chrome, firefox, safari)
[PC] Right-click or: Ctrl+Shift+i (chrome, firefox), F12 (edge)
Select "Inspect" or "Inspect Element." 
In the sidebar that appears, click the left hand triangle next to < body > to see the artwork text.
For image credits, click the left hand triangle next to < head >.
Still Life with Irritating Camera Movement and No Title Card, 2018
Two-channel looping video (no sound)
Edition of 6 for Digital Objects
This Really Is Water, 2018
Single-channel video, 2.5 min.
Found YouTube skateboard videos
Commission for Bail or No? skate-themed screening
Unidentified Assailant, 2017
Single-channel video, 28 min.
Pine tree cut apart with scissors
Perp's face obscured
Umm, 2016
3-channel video (no sound)
Overlaid YouTube knitting
No No No No No, 2016
Animated GIFs made from cartoons
displayed in/on various objects
and also one photograph
Installation photos by Alan Resnick & Michael Bussell
Pipe, 2016
Animated GIF installed under building
Half Full, 2016
26 Animated GIFs depicting "optimism" using found images of water situations
Commission for Vicki Bennett / People Like Us & WFMU for
OPTIMIZED! Expanded Radio Stream
6-10 June 2016, Noon - 3pm (EST)
Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts
Cloud Formations, 2013 - 2015
Animated GIFs made from smeared film credits
Nostalgia, 2015
Animated GIFs made from my childhood photos
Commission for Electric Objects
Go Outside, 2015
X temporarily disabled for maintenance X
[ Video shows timelapse comparison ]
Website, Series of looping found images set to 
alter gradually to match the color temperature 
of the current daylight in the viewer's location.
Fountains (I Know It's Been Done Before But I Can't Remember When), 2015
4-channel video (no sound), 80 min.
Printers, ink, recirculated inkjet prints
Commission for The Print Center Centennial
Sleep Video, 2013
Single-channel video stream
Overlaid YouTube playlists of found smoke bomb videos
periodically edited & reconfigured
Commission for West Space Gallery
Colors Movie, 2013
Single-channel video, 7 min.
Found YouTube fetish videos
Halloween Movie, 2013
Single-channel video, 7 min.
Found YouTube fetish & nature videos
Lost Galaxy at Planet Maze, 2013
Photos taken with old flip phone at
Lost Galaxy/Planet Maze mini golf, Ocean City, MD
Doors, 2012
Animated GIFs made from Star Trek TNG
Phone Photos, 2011 - ongoing
Photos taken with old flip phone
Samsung Alias 2

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